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Ron Mueck

London-based sculptor Ron Mueck, formerly a model maker and puppeteer for children’s television and films, has been creating fine art sculptures since 1996. Using resin, fiberglass, silicone, and many other materials, Mueck constructs hyperrealistic likenesses of human beings, while playing with scale.
Ron Mueck doesn’t speak when he is working. He listens to other people talking on the radio, and to the background of noises that filter in from the north London street outside: sirens, footsteps on the pavement, buses. Nobody still don’t understand how Ron makes it work, because Mueck doesn’t give interviews, won’t talk about his influences or his processes, and eschews the media, leaving his work to speak for itself.
His works are less sculptures than versions of humanity, with their flabby folds of skin, hair sticking out of pores, hard toenails and tangible sheens of sweat. There has always been a deep poignancy to Ron Mueck’s sculptures, with their microscopically detailed imperfections.

The Boy

Mueck created Boy in 1999. It took the artist eight months to progress from a 40 cm high clay maquette to the present almost five metre high sculpture cast in glass fibre. The figure is executed with astonishing attention to detail: the surface of the skin, for instance, is utterly convincing with veins and hair follicles clearly marked. This hyperrealism makes the boy at once a living and compelling presence and yet alien and unreal.

Couple under an Umbrella
Beach full2

Couple under an Umbrella , took him two years to create.  The soundless body language between the couple is the amalgam that reveals their complicity. The stories the ageing skin and wrinkled faces carry remains private.

Woman with sticks
Woman with sticks

About Woman with sticks In the first, a naked middle-aged woman grapples with a bundle of sticks twice her size. She’s weary, but strong. Her body is marked with the scratches of the struggle. The curve of her body, arching back against the weight of the load, meets the line of the branches.

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