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In almost every industry, clients prefer to avoid these unpleasant, money and time wasting, situations. The most important question for successful organizations is, How can we create these delightful moments for our clients?
Therfore creating a strong emotional bound with your clients and maintaining it in the long run is the answer. The key to this door is kindness. The Goal of Goldiran from this campain is being the best among all competitives, and for reaching they want to make their customers happy and then being satisfied from watching them.
Goldiran appreciates these delightful moments by offering beyond expectation client services. Goldiran loves to make people’s lives easier so they can happily enjoy their delightful moments in a more comfortable and relaxed way. Goldiran’s love for it’s clients makes them surprised. This mind-set will be applied in every little detail of it’s branding campaign. Goldiran will take pleasure of it’s clients happiness and this is the best reward it’s looking for.

Phase 1
Delightful Moments

There are precious moments in every person’s life which are priceless. These moments can not be missed. In this part of it’s branding campaign, Goldiran points out towards these memorable moments and reminds its audience that:
+ We appreciate these wonderful moments.
+ We do our best to create such delightful moments for you.
+ We help you not to miss these moments.
+ Our services will make your life easier, and therefore gives you more time to create such moments,  relax back and enjoy.

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Mad about you

In this phase Goldiran displays its excitement and enthusiasm for delighting and surprising its clients in an unusual way! Goldiran crew are displayed in incredible and humorous situations, competing to offer better services to their clients.

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