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Berndnaut Smilde

Berndnaut Smilde is a Dutch visual artist. Smilde’s best known works include the series “Conditioner”; sculptures that spread an antiseptic scent throughout several rooms, and ‘Unflattened’, which shows an inverted rainbow. In 2012 he created a series of self-made clouds, and Time Magazine called this technique one of the fifty best inventions of 2012.
He uses smoke, water, air and light to create his ephemeral works. since 2012 till now 17 carefully chosen rooms around the world, from San Francisco to Istanbul have played host to a Nimbus. Smilde, like any sculptor, understands how his material affects the space around it. Some clouds linger heavily, others are transparent with wisps of light falling through the bottom like golden rain.  A running theme in Smilde’s work is how architectural spaces frame the meanings of the objects within them.
In Smilde’s Performance you would come into the beautiful Architectural space and there would be nothing, just a cloud. It would rain on you as well.”

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